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November 26, 2020

Panel discussion with the managers of Russian Railways and SNCF

In the conditions of closed borders, the university continues to organize online discussions with representatives of transport companies around the world. 

On November 25, an online panel discussion was held between the Central Infrastructure Business Unit of Russian Railways and the French National Railway Company SNCF on the topic: "Monitoring and maintenance of the track on high-speed lines".

The Russian side was headed by Mikhail Starovoytov, Chief Engineer of the Central Infrastructure Business Unit of Russian Railways. The speakers fr om SNCF included Anna Rolland, Director for Russian Markets & Head of International Synergies – Corporate International Direction, and representatives of SNCF Reseau, the operator of the French railway network: Samir Lodge, Head of Maintenance

 and Renovation Department, David Niel, Head of the IRIS320 Onboard Systems and Data Processing Department. The Corporate University of Russian Railways was represented by Andrey Shobanov, Deputy Director for Science 

and Methodology.

The topics of the panel discussion were:

- IRIS320 high-speed measuring train - track monitoring and diagnostics 

on the high-speed lines.

- Organization of track repair work, work on the current maintenance 

and monitoring of infrastructure facilities of high-speed network using high-precision coordinate methods, a digital model of the track.

- Parameters that affect the speed lim it and ensure the smooth running 

of the rolling stock.

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