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May 21, 2020

Russian Railways managers and specialists have completed the digital transformation programme

At the end of April, the IT Department and the HR Department of Russian Railways and the Corporate University of Russian Railways completed a six-month learning cycle for managers and specialists of more than 25 departments, functional branches and subsidiaries of JSC "Russian Railways" under the programme "Digital Transformation of the Company: Design of Digital Initiatives".This programme has been conducted since 2019 with the aim of providing educational support for the implementation of the Digital Transformation Strategy of Russian Railways. Learning contributes to the formation of a digital corporate culture of the company, where managers are able to competently organize the process of creating popular IT services and build effective interaction with their developers and future users.

Since October 2020, more than 280 managers and specialists from various business divisions of Russian Railways have completed the programme.

The learning groups were formed in such a way that they simultaneously included those employees who had rights to make decisions on the implementation of digital services, and those who organized direct interaction with future users of IT offers, as well as those who owned the technologies for creating such products. The group also depended on the specialization and professional interests of the attendees - the learning covered various areas of Russian Railways activities: freight and passenger transportation; infrastructure; railway stations operations; construction and major repairs; traffic safety; traction; procurement; IT support for users.

"The key value of the programme is that it allows you to form project teams to implement the Digital Transformation Strategy of the company "Russian Railways". The acquired knowledge of modern approaches to the development of IT solutions makes it possible not only to offer innovative and breakthrough technologies for the development of the Russian transport industry, but also to create popular services, increasing the efficiency of Russian Railways business processes, - said Evgeny Charkin, Russian Railways CIO.

A separate learning program was created for each group of attendees – the content was developed by the Corporate University of Russian Railways jointly with the management of the company's functional verticals. The specificity of the divisions activities, the Holding priorities, external and internal trends, and changes in the Russian and global digital solutions market were taken into account.

According to Roman Baskin, Director of the Corporate University of Russian Railways, educational programmes, including "Digital Transformation of the Company: Design of Digital Initiatives", are practice-oriented.

"The digital world is rapidly changing, which means that both the services of Russian Railways and the learning at the Corporate University should meet new trends and be continuously updated. Each programme, each module, each lesson is unique in its content. Together with the business divisions of the Russian Railways company, the thematic areas of the projects developed by the attendees are constantly updated, so that Russian Railways has a pool of project solutions that can be implemented in practice," - he said.

The learning programme is designed to form an idea of the process of creating digital services: learners analyzed the applicability of the experience of foreign transport companies at Russian Railways, studied the goals, objectives, principles of digital transformation of Russian Railways and existing projects in the holding, created prototypes of new services.

The emphasis was placed on the methods of determining the request and needs. The employees practiced various techniques of conducting interviews with real consigners, suppliers, and passengers of the company.

Each of the ten thematic areas of the programme ended with the presentation of projects of new services in front of the management of the departments and functional branches of Russian Railways. Dozens of initiatives were presented to develop new services for consigners, navigation at passenger terminals, further development of the driver's personal account, and services for tourists.

The article was published in the newspaper "Gudok" on the 05th of May 2021.

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