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January 9, 2020

Corporate MBA — Second Graduation

The second stream of graduates of the Corporate University of Russian Railways obtained diplomas on graduation from the Master of Business Administration "Corporate MBA" programme.

During four months, the learners worked diligently in teams on the projects to present their proposals to the Certification Commission, which included the Russian Railways Holding executives, in order to solve the problems that are relevant to the Company. The main focus was on the digital transformation of the railway business. One of the graduates - Igor Fedorenko, Head of the Tuapse Center of Railway Stations Operation of the North Caucasus Directorate of Traffic Management, noted: "Working on the project gave us new opportunities to understand the modern management tools that we received during the learning programmes at the Corporate University. Moreover, the projects that were presented can already be applied in practice today".

All the ideas and developments proposed by the learners received high marks from the expert jury. The evaluation criteria for each project were: the relevance for the company, the depth of analytical study, the analysis of various strategies for innovative technologies implementation, the quality of project ideas presentation and argumentation during the presentation. The project solution for digital platform creation of customer services for passengers received the highest score on the totality of all requirements.

To study the world's best management practices, a foreign module at one of the leading business schools of Europe, IE Business School in Spain became a mandatory component of the Corporate MBA programme (it has been in the top of the best business schools in the Financial Times ranking for several years). The curriculum included lectures by business school professors and master classes by experts from the leading European companies. Key topics of the module: Design Thinking; Strategies for Digital Business Transformation; Current Business Models Which Form the Modern Competitive Space; Customer-Centric Future; Prospects for the Development of the Transport Industry. All the learners of the programme noted, that the module busy learning schedule allowed them not only to immerse themselves in the educational atmosphere of one of the best European universities, but also to get acquainted with the experience of innovative activities of Spanish companies such as TALGO (Spanish manufacturer of passenger rolling stock) and RENFE (Spanish national rail operator). "This education allowed us not only to gain valuable experience from foreign business schools, but also to unite us as a team, gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves, demonstrate with our projects that we are able to move on and achieve serious goals", – says the graduate of the programme – Vitaly Vasilchenko, Deputy Head of the Northern Railway for Territorial Administration.

Corporate MBA is a regular annual educational programme implemented by the Corporate University of Russian Railways since 2018. It reflects the key principles of the entire system of corporate learning in the Russian Railways holding: to develop the talent pool according to international standards of business education, to study the best practices in the field of management, to develop practical skills in solving complex projects for the current tasks of the company. In the autumn of 2020, a new stream of the 35 best graduates of the holding's talent pool development programmes will have the opportunity to complete learning and receive an MBA degree.

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