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October 20, 2022

Podcasts for Railway Workers: Interview with Svetlana Suleymanova, Deputy Director of the Corporate University of Russian Railways

Svetlana Suleymanova, Deputy Director of the Corporate University of Russian Railways

– Recently, a new episode of the podcast "Knowledge.live" was released on podcast platforms - "How, What and When to Learn to Become a Specialist of the Future Today?". The University continues to develop this form of open learning. Tell us about it.

Podcasts "Knowledge.live" are educational audio discussions on current topics that anyone can listen to online on the podcast platforms "Yandex Music", Apple Podcasts, "VKontakte" curzdpodcast.mave.digital. The podcast is perfectly suited for audials, for those who perceive information better by ear, and those who spend a lot of time in the car or who are fond of sports.

The project "Knowledge.live" has many formats: master classes, posts on social networks, a programme on Russian Railways TV, a developing smart calendar. The University strives to ensure that Russian Railways employees learn in the most comfortable and interesting ways for them, and we adapt knowledge to the way people perceive information, among other things.

– How do you select the topics of the issues?

– The topics are diverse, they are determined in accordance with the challenges of the time and based on feedback from learners. For example, there are podcasts that talk about how to solve various business issues, as well as develop and strengthen the team. The themes of the episodes complement the programmes of our University, which develop significant corporate competencies for the Russian Railways company. The episodes about customer orientation, stress management, critical thinking, and business etiquette are available for listening. And the newest one is "How and What to Learn?". Other episodes are scheduled to be published this year.

Source:Publishing House "Gudok"

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