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October 25, 2022

The Programme "PRO.Rector: Development of Managerial Competencies"

The new stage of the JSC "Russian Railways" project on training the talent pool of industry universities launched on Monday, October 24. Heads of educational institutions will be learned at the Corporate University of Russian Railways under the professional development programme "PRO.Rector: Development of Managerial Competencies".

The purpose of the learning is to increase the personal effectiveness of representatives of management teams of railway universities. The learning programme was developed by the Personnel Management Department of JSC "Russian Railways" in cooperation with the Corporate University of Russian Railways. The main emphasis is on the development of four blocks of competencies: managerial, professional, personal and corporate.

Professional development programme "PRO.Rector: Development of Managerial Competencies" will be held in full-time and part–time, its duration is 199 hours. The learners (20 people, the current heads of railway universities and the talent pool for these positions) will work at learnings, perform individual tasks, participate in business games.

"We are taking another step within the framework of our comprehensive programme of interaction between the Company and universities. The creation of the talent pool of university managers will allow the Company to form a quality management system of education. This task is in the general focus of the state educational policy and is supported by Roszheldor (Federal Agency for Railway Transport)", Sergey Saratov, the Head of the Personnel Management Department told the "Gudok".

The educational community today shows great interest in the topic of interaction between railway universities and the Corporate University of Russian Railways. "We are often asked how we managed to reach such an effective partnership. It is based on the railway industry that unites us, an understanding of the goals of education in the field of transport and thorough long–term work", said Roman Baskin, Director of the Corporate University of Russian Railways.

Igor Chirva, Deputy Head of the Administrative and Legal Department of Roszheldor, also noted the importance of the new programme: "The history of the development of any organization is connected with the personality of the head. Decisions should be balanced and correct, for this we need to exchange opinions and experience".

The Corporate University of Russian Railways recalled that such events are held as part of the system support of management teams of railway universities, which has been implemented since 2013.
Source:Publishing House "Gudok"



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