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October 1, 2020

Experience exchange with the international business and educational community

The Corporate University of Russian Railways presented its experience 

in developing and conducting online programmes to the world community

in the field of business education at the International Conference "CEEMAN ANNUAL CONFERENCE".

The organizer is the Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN). Today, the geography of the association activities 

has gone far beyond Europe: it includes more than 200 educational organizations (business schools, corporate universities, management development centres, national, regional and international associations) from more than 50 countries, including those in America, Africa, and Asia.

Petr Savchenko, an expert of our university in the field of innovative technologies, one of the directors of educational projects, spoke on the topic "Leaders of Digital Transformation — Building a Support Community for Changes Online". He shared the unique experience of creating and conducting the online programme named "Digital Transformation Leaders" for over 290 managers representing the railways and all managerial levels. The main result of the programme was the formation 

of regional teams to support the digital transformation of the holding.

The participants of the presentation included heads of educational organizations from 11 countries: the USA, Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, etc. 

Peter showed how to combine work with experts in a wide audience 

(while maintaining visual contact of all participants), keeping high engagement 

of learners, and how to ensure the discussion of issues in mini-groups, 

all that in a short online programme. This experience of our university 

is unique in the field of corporate business education in Russia.

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