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The Far Eastern Branch on Russky Island has Started Face-to-Face Learning
October 15, 2021

Offline training started at the Far Eastern branch of the Corporate University of Russian Railways on the 11th of October. The first 87 attendees came to the branch classrooms for the lectures. Among them there are managers of different levels, from the enterprises leaders to deputy heads of Eastern region railways.

The branch was opened in May 2021, but due to the pandemic restrictions, the educational programmes have so far taken place in the online format. The classroom learning for the Company's executive talent pool at the Far Eastern branch of the Corporate University of Russian Railways was launched yesterday by Oleg Belozerov, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Russian Railways, via video conferencing.

- It is not by chance that we opened a branch of the Corporate University of Russian Railways in Vladivostok, on Russky Island. The development of the Eastern railway region is not just about technology, material resources and investment. First and foremost, it is about people: skilled, motivated and result-oriented. Accessible corporate education contributes to the formation of these qualities," Oleg Belozerov said in his speech. – Vladivostok has great educational potential, so our Corporate University works in close partnership with Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and in its territory. I would like to thank the FEFU administration for their assistance and support of the project to introduce the latest educational practices.

The Far Eastern branch of the Corporate University of Russian Railways started working in Primorsky Krai under the programme "Far Eastern Railway - a Region of Advanced Development." Its key task is to train the executives of the Eastern region in the University's programmes, considering the regional specifics and characteristics of the Asia-Pacific economy. It is expected that 1,400 railway managers of the Eastern region will be trained at the branch this year.

- Thanks to the creation of the branch, we managed to triple the scope of managerial learning for the executives of the Eastern region," said Maria Savina, Deputy Head of the HR Department of Russian Railways. (Previously, the executives of the Eastern region were trained in Moscow under the programmes of the Corporate University of Russian Railways. The opening of the Far Eastern branch contributes to increasing the number of attendees).

According to Andrey Vaulin, Deputy Head of the Far Eastern Railway for HR and Social Issues, the branch of the Corporate University will improve the quality of training for managers and specialists in the Far Eastern region.

- To implement large-scale projects at the Eastern region we need creative and educated employees with developed corporate competencies and high managerial potential," he noted. This year learning for Russian Railways executives in the Far Eastern Branch includes 11 programmes for the comprehensive development of the talent pool, improving the operational efficiency of the Company, in-depth development of managerial competencies, and special masterclasses by invited experts and speakers.

The branch will also provide training to the managers of other railways, introducing them to the specific conditions of consignors. On the first day of face-to-face learning, for example, the Corporate MBA off-site module was launched for the 35 executives from across the railway network who are currently undergoing training.

In addition to the learning sessions, the attendees will visit major ports and innovative business companies in Primorsky Krai to learn about the challenges and prospects of the transport and logistics business. They will see how the coal and container terminals of the Vostochny Port work, visit the Mazda Solers plant, etc. The graduates will receive a professional retraining diploma of Corporate MBA programme with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification.

- The Far East is an area of special focus for government and business. This is a dynamically developing region of great geopolitical importance, so the opening of the branch of the Corporate University of Russian Railways here is at the forefront of both industry and government goals," commented Roman Baskin, Director of the Corporate University of Russian Railways. - The University team and the attendees are grateful to the management of Russian Railways, the management of the social and human resources unit, departments and the Far Eastern Railway for their support and prompt decisions in the opening and operation of the Far Eastern branch. We see prospects and will increase the pace of the learning.

CEO of Russian Railways, Oleg Belozerov, addressing the attendees at the University's Far Eastern branch, congratulated them on the start of the classroom training and wished that the knowledge gained would be put into practice as quickly as possible.