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May 12, 2022

Technological Development of Rail Transport: Boris Lapidus Speaks to the University Attendees

The Corporate University of Russian Railways hosted a series of master classes by Professor Boris Lapidus, Doctor of Economics and Chairman of the Joint Academic Council of Russian Railways. The presentations focused on the technological transformation of rail transport as a key factor for sustainable development.

The participants of the programme "Stage II: Performance Management" had the opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced railroad workers, a leader, a scientist, and to adopt his most valuable experience on the platform of the Corporate University of Russian Railways. As part of the training in project teams they worked out innovative ideas for the development of the Holding Company for the next 10-15 years. Among them: more than 300 heads of railway divisions, central and regional directorates, branches and subsidiaries of Russian Railways.
During the master classes, Boris Lapidus spoke about the key aspects of improving the strategic sustainability of Russian Railways, technological and technical trends in the industry and vectors of business organisation in the transport sector. In addition, he expressed his view on the near-term transformation of rail transport in line with trends in scientific and technological progress, the development of society and the global economy.

Mr. Lapidus' presentations brought so much interest and so many questions that we fell behind schedule. The audience was interested in the prospects for high-speed lines in Russia in response to increasing urbanisation, readiness for unmanned transport technologies, the possibilities of using alternative energy sources - hydrogen, solar and wind energy and other innovative projects in rail transport. All these questions were thoroughly answered.

The team of the Corporate University greatly appreciated Mr. Lapidus' initiative to launch such a complex educational project. We express our gratitude to the distinguished professor for his master classes and plans to continue speaking in the autumn to the new streams of attendees of the Russian Railways talent pool development programmes. Best wishes for energy, strength and new discoveries!

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